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But before I continue…
Let’s talk about the main item use in tanning salons – The SunBed
Specifically, are they safe?

There are so many arguments when this topic crops up. In fact this topic becomes highly controversial especially between consumers and the business owners of these tanning bed establishments – which is understandable.

But the bottom line is this: over-exposure from the sun causes skin cancer as well as causing premature aging it’s a known fact, tanning beds are no different, as they use ultraviolet rays to tan your skin, just like the sun.
However, here’s where the main problem lies, (no pun intended) tanning beds give out ‘ageing rays’ these UVA rays being up to five times stronger than natural sunlight! In addition tanning beds can burn you and can give you pigmentation or un-even skin colour. Pigmentation is very difficult to get rid of, so if you are prone to pigmentation, it is wise to stay away from tanning beds.

If you must use a tanning bed, protect yourself, in addition to the strong UVA rays, tanning beds can burn you, most tanning salons have a special barrier cream, make doubly sure you wear it, as I’m sure you don’t need reminding, unprotected skin is a skin at risk.

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So How Do I Get a Fantastic Tan ?

Without the associated risks from over exposure to the sun or a tanning bed?

In a word – FAKE IT!

Fake it…? Absolutely! How?

There are two methods, either by using a lotion or spray.

Spray tanning is becoming extremely popular as it is a great option to lying in the Sun or on tanning beds. In this day and age most spray tans offer a natural looking tan that can be achieved in 5 minutes (to apply) and 8 hours to develop. They also offer no tan lines and an even colour over the entire body.
Spray tanning is done by a trained therapist either by visiting a tanning salon or by what’s becoming ever so popular – a home visit. The therapist uses an air-brush or spray gun to apply tanning lotion to your skin. An airbrush application will take around 25 minutes where a spray tan application will take around 7 minutes.

Most salons will supply a disposable g-string to wear, or you can wear your own underwear or swimming costume. Depending on the lotion used, you can normally get dressed again after about 10 minutes.
The only draw back for some people would be the cost, as spray tan is quite expensive compared to the final method…

For those looking for a cheaper alternative, the solution is to use one off the many self-tanning lotion/mousse that are available on the market.
Over the last few months I’ve tried five different self-tanners. Decleor aroma sun tanning milk – St Tropez whipped bronzer – Neutrogena Instant Bronze foam – Xen-Tan Dark Lotion – Bare essentials Faux Tan.

Lets start with the loser – prize goes to ‘Neutrogena’ which surprised me as this is a quality company, unfortunately their Instant Bronze foam was a total disaster, in so much that it dried to quickly, became sticky like glue, a totally unworkable product.  Another was totally useless, (the tan lasted 1 day) two were about the same. And the winner… St Tropez whipped bronzer.

Here’s why; it works fast and comes with a pleasant fragrance. The mousse can also be used for both the body and the face.
It dries within one minute, the bronzer develops under the colour, when you shower the initial colour washes off, but underneath the skin absorbs the self-tanner leaving you with a lovely bronze tan. The other major benefit is that it lasts for 5 days!

Getting a tan using this method really is a no-brainer – which makes it so easy with St Tropez whipped bronzer, and surprise, surprise…it’s a favourite of many Super Stars – including Elle MacPherson.

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Wishing you a healthy slender tanned body.